The Emil Aaltonen Foundation offers grants as a rule to Finnish-speaking researchers only.

Applicant and host information

Applicant citizenship: Finnland

Host country: Finland

Years since PhD:

Award details


Award Duration (years): 3

Research costs:


Mobility rule: No

Subjects: All subjects

Additional comments: There are no age limits. A young researcher mainly means a young researcher. Applicants for grants may be a private researcher. In particular, the aim is to support doctoral researchers and recent graduates in their further research work. Grant options include young researcher grants (€ 29,250 and € 32,500 / 12 months for dissertations including expenses and overhead allowance), part-time work grants (4-10 months € 9,240 - € 25,800 including overhead allowance), incentive grants ( € 5,000) and grants ( € 5,000) and conference expenses). The purpose of the three-year project grants (EUR 200,000) is to support young researchers in the early stages of their independent careers and in setting up their own research team.

How to apply? For further eligibility requirements and the application process, please visit: Official Funding website

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