The purpose of the NLM Career Development Award (K01) in Biomedical Informatics and Data Science is to provide support and "protected time" (up to three years) for an intensive career development experience in biomedical informatics and data science leading to research independence. NLM invites K01 applications from junior investigators, who have either a health professional or research doctorate and who are in the first three years of their initial faculty positions. Candidates who received their training at one of NLM's university-based biomedical informatics training programs are encouraged to apply.

Applicant and host information

Applicant citizenship: United States

Host country: United States

Years since PhD:

Award details

Award: $300000

Award Duration (years): 3

Research costs: 150000

Benefits: NLM will contribute up to $ 100,000 plus fringe benefits per year toward the salary of the career award recipient. Further guidance on budgeting for career development salaries is provided in the SF424 (R&R) Application Guide. The total salary, however, may not exceed the legislatively mandated salary cap. See: Other Program-Related Expenses NLM will contribute $50,000 per year toward the research development costs of the award recipient, which must be justified and consistent with the stage of development of the candidate and the proportion of time to be spent in research or career development activities.

Mobility rule:

Subjects: Life Sciences

Additional comments: The objective of the NIH Mentored Research Scientist Development Award (K01) is to provide salary and research support for a sustained period of “protected time” (3 years) for intensive research career development under the guidance of an experienced mentor, or sponsor, in the biomedical, behavioral or clinical sciences that leads to research independence. The National Library of Medicine (NLM) Career Development Award in Biomedical Informatics (K01) is intended to provide support for promising junior investigators as they launch their research careers in biomedical informatics research. NLM supports research career development in clinical/public health informatics, bioinformatics, translational informatics and consumer health informatics. We define informatics as the intersection of computer, information and behavioral sciences with one or more application domains. Application domains of interest include health care delivery, basic biomedical research, clinical and translational research, public health and others. NIH will contribute up to $85,000 plus fringe benefits per year toward the salary of the career award recipient and $50,000 per year toward the research development costs of the award recipient. $405,000 max over three years.

How to apply? For further eligibility requirements and the application process, please visit: Official Funding website

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Application deadline

February 12, June 12, October 12
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